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DocFetcher is an Open Source desktop search application
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DocFetcher is an efficient indexing and search application, that searches for words or phrases inside documents. It works by indexing documents on a set folder, letting you scan their content for a specified word or series of words. It supports a wide range of file types, among them MS Word, Excel, and Power Point, TXT, RTF, PDF, OpenOffice documents, HTML, and more. To perform a search, we simply insert a word or phrase on the search box and wait for the results. But previous to that, we need to choose the folders to index. This can be done either by selecting a folder from inside the program, or by dragging and dropping folders into the ‘Search Scope’ box. Alternatively, we can perform the same task from outside the program using the context menu, by right-clicking on a desired folder.
Once the search is done, we can filter the results in several ways, for example, we can determine a document minimum/maximum size, omit certain file types, or select a particular folder on the search scope. The program features a preview-only window that displays the content of a selected document, highlighting the keywords, and activating different buttons according to its format. We can navigate through documents, or open them with their associated program. For HTML files, the preview window turns into a basic web browser with extra buttons such as Stop or Refresh.
From the settings we can define aspects such as the highlight color, determine which file types to skip during search, the number of documents to be shown in the result pane, among others.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Works efficiently with several types of documents
  • Open source
  • Works on Windows and Linux


  • Indexing is a bit slow
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